18th-19th Century Original Trestle Table

Trestle Table

Original – not a reproduction

Ok, I know this is kind of odd, yet, I have many customers that visit the site that might be interested in such a table…..and I know this requires a special customer.

I bought this about 10 years ago at an antique show. The lady was going through a divorce. She had many impressive items…and many of the 200+ dealers were clamoring over her items.

There was an appraisal sheet from an antique appraiser. It said something like ‘probably continental’, needs minor restoration, oak, impressive legs, late18th century to early 19th century.

I spent a few days searching the internet for anything similar and could never find anything with legs as such. I did find a similar trestle table that sold for $20,000 with simple legs. I am going to do an updated online appraisal soon….just to see what ‘they’ say. I will post the appraisal.

I also bought a buffet from her. The buffet would be upwards of $6,000. I am using some of the design elements from the buffet on an upwww.vc12c7.cning bar. I liked some of the lines and curves in this buffet.

The table and buffet are in my house in Kentucky. I guess it is amazing to think of all the stories that might have happened around the table. It’s rather interesting to see the footrest…..and how the years of abuse etched the history into the wood. If I am not mistaken, I don’t think these type of tables were NOT meant for chairs….as I don’t have any chairs anyway. I think the table had long bench-like (backless) chairs. I’ve seen trestle tables in old castles with backless benches….and I think their feet were to go ON the footrest.

And I am curious if anybody would be interested in a reproduction version of the table? I’ve thought on several occasions to make a repro of the table – either in its original state or how it might have once been.

I am also willing to make matching benches with carvings to match for $1-$2k depending on the final design. I have some oak at the factory. I can easily make benches that make 98% of your guests think they went with this tables.

If anybody has any www.vc12c7.cnments concerning the table, I would appreciate any www.vc12c7.cnments. I guess what has me curious at this point is the date on the appraisal. If the appraisal is correct, this is rather old. Think about that….late 1700s to early 1800s.

$30,000 table



Kevin McCloud

These markings are on the underside of the table. If anyone can shed light on the markings, I would also welwww.vc12c7.cne the www.vc12c7.cnments.
I assume they are auction markings? Or inventory markings?
The lady was from California. You can click the pics to make them bigger.