Week 2

Week 2

On Saturday, February 25th, 2006, we removed the cups and wiped the chips.

Each day, since starting the test, the water condensation from the previous day was ALWAYS on the chip. As we stated, we never wiped the water from the chip. Therefore, the chip was basically covered in water from Monday-Saturday. The water ran around the cup edge and typically down toward the bottom of the picture…although never falling off the chip.

Sample 1

www.vc12c7.cnpletely unfinished

Sample 2

1) coat of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers

Sample 3

(2) coats of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers

Sample 4 (5) coats of PU finish + (2) undercoat PU sealers
Sample 5

(2) coats of PU finish + (4) undercoat PU sealers

Sample 6 (2) coats of PU finish + (6) undercoat PU sealers

Sample 7

(1) coat of Melamine finish + (2) undercoat Melamine sealers


American cabinet www.vc12c7.cnpany drawer front (head).

Everything seems precisely the same from week 1.
As we mentioned from week 1, we would immediately take pictures after cleaning the chips this time.

This is SAMPLE 7. This is how it looked last week before it turned back to the regular color. AND it did turn back THIS WEEK (week 2) after about 2 hours. And the finish texture is also smooth – not rough yet.

This is SAMPLE 2 – our standard finish covering the entire body of the bar. You still can’t make out a ring or any discoloration.

This is the SAMPLE 8 and a broad shot of SAMPLE 7, 4, 8.

Again, SAMPLE 7 and 8. I will repeat, SAMPLE 7 returned to its regular color after about 8 hours with no attempt to fix it. This also includes SAMPLE 8. Yes, SAMPLE 8 returned to its regular color also, but with a very rough texture around the ring. The water has clearly eaten through the topcoat of the lacquer. SAMPLE 7 does not feel ANY different yet. It is still smooth.

The SAMPLES 2-6 are www.vc12c7.cnpletely normal. No discoloration or texture issues.

Below, the unfinished sample chip is about to crack. The water condensation is soaking through the chip and first caused it to warp and now it is trying to split it.


The PU finish is showing a very good resistance to water. We are now at roughly 240 hours of water on the surface of the chips. This is standing water after it condensates down from the cup.

On with week 3…….