You say Direct-From-The-Factory??!!

Actually, we changed the term to FACTORY DIRECT. We own the factory.?

I wanted to distinguish from others that claim direct from the factory.?

There are a lot of people that claim relationships direct from a factory. And it’s not that they are lying, but this is how 95% of the furniture industry works. The factory sells to a wholesale chain or a distributor. And still again, many will claim a ‘partnership’….just trying to make that claim of factory direct. This is again misleading since the partnership is just a relationship to buy.

The concept with this site was to offer our product direct to the consumer.

Therefore, I also like to say we are M to C – manufacture to consumer. The price you pay goes into the quality of the product and our operation.

The English Bar www.vc12c7.cnpany is an American wholly-owned Indonesian Corporation.

What’s the history with this www.vc12c7.cnpany?

Truthfully, this www.vc12c7.cnpany was started as nothing more than a ‘hobby business’…..and it still kind of run this way.?From 2000-2002, we imported product from other factories.?We had a ‘partnership’ or direct relationship with the factories.

In 2001, after various problems with the factories in quality, design, and a general lack of www.vc12c7.cnmitment, we purchased an empty factory.

Over the years, we’ve slowly worked toward increasing quality and introducing new designs.

Do you have additional sizes?

The ENGLISH TAVERN is available in a standard 80″ width model and a 96″ model.
The CANTERBURY is available in a 60″, 70″, or 80″ width model.
The GRAND DEVON is only available in a 120″ model.
The SIR WALTER is only available in a 92″ x 92″ corner model.
The SECOND EMPIRE is currently only available in an 88″ model.

Will you custom make a bar for me?

No, we are currently not making custom or www.vc12c7.cnmercial projects.?You might check?www.whbars.www.vc12c7.cn?for a custom/www.vc12c7.cnmercial project.

Will you make some minor changes to the existing bar design?

No, although we did this from 2004-2006, this caused delays resulting in a tremendous drop in productivity.?Therefore, we do have a few options, but changes to the structural design or custom features are not allowed.

Do you have marble, brass rails, etc?

Yes, we have some options, please check the?Bar Options?page.

Can a bar sink fit in the unit?

Yes, read below.

The back section of the English Tavern is limited in space and somewhat limited in www.vc12c7.cnmercial sizes. The standard 15″x15″ bar sink will not fit. We are not going to say you can’t find something, due to the fact the industry is constantly introducing new products, but your options will be limited.?

In 2007, we changed from our marble sink (2003-2006) to various different copper sinks.?We have our copper sinks custom made to our specifications and designs.?

How does the bar ship?

The bar ships broken down into 4 large pieces.?It ships on a 48” by 84” pallet weighing roughly 900lbs.?The shipper can typically lift-gate the pallet down to the ground and pallet jack the bar into your garage.?In some cases, you might need to break apart the wrapping and move the pieces inside separately.?

Are the pieces heavy?

They are not light, but can be moved easily by 2 strong individuals.?The heaviest section is the front piece.?

How is the unit assembled?

You will position the front and back sections accordingly (~28”-36” apart).?Then you place the back upper section on top of the back lower section.?All this is very simple. The last step is a bit tricky, but not difficult.?Here you position the 2 large posts and 4 smaller posts in their respected moulding locations.

This is where 4 people are typically needed to drop the top into position.?It’s not because of the weight, but making sure the poles meet the canopy and slip into position.?Basically, one person is at each end, as they lower the top canopy down over the posts.

How does the ‘underneath canopy’ stained glass fit in the unit?

(not included in your purchase, yet available as an option)
Sometimes people think the stained glass goes in the back section and this is incorrect.?The stained glass is inserted inside the upper canopy in the top section. The canopy has a moulding lip of about 1/2” that the stained glass sits down onto.?There is no stained glass in the 2 sections where glasses are inserted.

The Canterbury and other models include the stained glass in the purchase price.

Do you install the electrical wiring for the canopy lights?

No, you are expected to do your own wiring.?It is not very www.vc12c7.cnplicated depending on your requirements.

Are the mirrors beveled?

Yes, they are 1” beveled.?There are 5 beveled mirrors in the back section.

Do you have any lower priced units?

Sometimes we can damage a unit or something happens.?In this case, we post the damaged unit with pictures and the reduced price.

Tell me about Kauri?

(old question from 2001-2005)
Some people seem to think this is Pine, but it is not.?It is a soft wood, but so is Cherry (Cherry is a hardwood, but soft).?You can see from the pictures this doesn’t look like your 2X4 or Home Depot moulding.?There are many names for this wood, as all woods have a variety of www.vc12c7.cnmon wood names.

We no longer offer Kauri as a wood option. All bars ship in mahogany (unless otherwise noted).

Why should I purchase from you?

Occasionally, you will see someone with a similar looking bar.?The design first appeared in 1999 and has been copied by several importers.?I know it’s hard to see, but many www.vc12c7.cnpetitor’s bars have slight differences.

First, our designs and options are original. Many of the options and certain features are exclusively offered by us. Since we are the factory, you’re not going to find our options/techniques/experience sold by others. We also have the best quality bar – making sure our MC is in the 8-9% range. We use an industry POLY finish and multi-coat the wood table tops.

Why are you saying your finish is better?

Most factories are using a top-coat from NC, Melamine, or just plain wax.?We use an industry poly finish that is the most durable finish available.We also don’t just coat the tabletop with poly, but the entire bar is sprayed this way.?Sometimes, someone will advertise a poly finish, but only poly the top.?Why buy a bar from someone who can’t answer anything about their quality?