Listing Requirement


  1. The listing must contain the location (state) of the bar.
  2. The seller must identify if the bar is unassembled (in storage) or assembled (in use).
  3. The seller should list the species (wood type) or simply state unknown.
  4. The seller must list their email address or contact telephone number. If you don’t want possible bot spam, then open a hotmail or Gmail account for this specific product. We will only list your email as a clickable email address. If you don’t want to list an email, then list a telephone number. But, you must list one or both.
  5. We prefer listings to highlight any history or known information about the origins. The more information you provide the greater chance of interest. At least this is our opinion. The best part about your old bar is its history.
  6. We will not list newer bars or bars that aren’t worth buying. It is our discretion to limit the bars offered here to original antiques or of-interest bars.
  7. Your listing may not contain an advertisement for more than one bar, custom bars, or new bars. This is our market and a conflict of interest.
  8. Your listing may only discuss and highlight one bar.
  9. By listing your bar with us, we reserve the right to rotate pictures for possible showcase on the homepage – highlighting this section of antique bars.
  10. We reserve the right to display any past advertised bars for promotional, educational, or otherwise historical purposes. All pictures and descriptions bewww.vc12c7.cne the property of The English Bar www.vc12c7.cnpany.


  1. The listing is absolutely free. There is no time-limit or www.vc12c7.cnmission. If you sell the bar and want to send a barrel of pusser’s rum, we will gladly accept the token.
  2. We will fix up to 20 of your pictures for a minimum of $200, by removing backgrounds or cleaning the photos. We don’t think this is necessary, but it is available to you as an option.

亚洲AV综合AV does not warranty, validate, or endorse any of the bars or sellers here